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This documentation applies to the Xibo 1.1 series.
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Scheduling is straightforward in Xibo, but there are some important things you need to know about how the software works if there are very specific schedules you want to run.

Firstly, Xibo is not designed to show a blank screen at any time. In display Management when you set each client up, you're asked to choose a default layout for that display. If at any time there are no layouts scheduled to run, the default will be run automatically.

Xibo supports scheduling more than one layout at once - in fact that's how it's intended to work. Say you have two layouts, each that last a total of 40 seconds. If you wanted them to show in sequence between 10:00 and 11:00am, you'd schedule both layouts to run from 10:00am to 11:00am on the same display. The client will automatically switch between the two layouts every 40 seconds between those times.

If you want to mix in the default layout all the time, then set "Interleave Default" to true in the Display Management menu and your default layout will be included in the cycle.

The Calendar

Schedule Now

Ss schedule now.png

Schedule Now is a quick way to schedule a given layout on a display or display group.

  1. From the Layouts screen, choose the "Schedule Now" button next to the layout you want to show.
  2. Enter how long you want the layout to be shown for in Hours, Minutes and Seconds. It starts from the time you complete the form.
  3. Ensure the correct layout is chosen in the Layout dropdown box.
  4. Ticking Priority will give this layout priority over other scheduled layouts that do not have the priority tick box checked.
  5. Select the Displays or Display Groups you want the layout to be shown on from the list on the right hand side.
  6. Click Save

Scheduling Layouts

Layouts can be scheduled by double clicking within a day on the celendar, or single clicking on the day number heading.

A form will be shown which gives the opportunity to specify a start time, end time, layout/campaign, display group(s) / display(s) and also set the event to be recurring (daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

You can also set whether or not this event is a priority event or not and specify a numerical display order for the event to be shown in the cases where it will overlap with other events.

Editing Schedules

Deleting Events

Priority Schedules

Priority schedules are only available to users with Administrator privileges. Priority schedules allow you to add a layout to the schedule that overrides all the other ones that are scheduled. That could be useful for displaying temporary important notices, or overriding the schedule for a specific event without having to cancel the layouts that would normally be running at that time.

When adding a new schedule, or when editing an existing schedule, tick the "Priority" box to make the schedule override the others. You may schedule multiple priority layouts at once. They will be shown in a cycle in the same way as non-priority layouts would be.