Libbrowsernode Build Instructions

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(Note these instructions are in the process of being updated. Please see the previous revision if required) - AH, 25 Oct 2012

Build instructions on Ubuntu 10.04.4:

  • Install the following packages: git-core gyp cmake libvdpau-dev
  • Download Berkelium Sources: [1]
  • Download Libavg 1.7.1 Sources: [2].
  • Download libbrowsernode patches [3]
  • Extract and build Berkelium following their installation guide.
  • Extract libavg
  • Copy the browsernode release files in to src/test/plugin folder.
  • Copy the Berkelium header files in to src/test/plugin (ie src/test/plugin/berkelium)
  • Build libavg as normal (following their guide).
  • Run the following to build the libbrowsernode library:
 touch a.cpp
 g++ -c a.cpp -o a.o
 g++ a.o  -shared -llibberkelium -o
  • Copy the resulting to /usr/lib
  • Run "sudo ldconfig"
  • Copy resources.pak,, chrome.pak and berkelium from /usr/local/bin to /usr/bin